3 Study Tips for AIIMS, DNB & NEET PG

interval learning for neet pg 2018

WHAT to study? HOW to study? Follow G2M until your exams are over!

The pressure is on in the coming months with NEET PG 2019, NIMHANS, AIIMS PG May, DNB CET, PGI, JIPMER and MCI  in a row is hard to ignore. The ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ question about preparation is important to tackle in the coming months to secure your chosen area of speciality. Here you have 3 important points on how best to prepare for exams from new researches on learning.


Most people dedicate a chunk of time for study and often give-up before even starting. This is a bad idea both from the perspective of procrastination and from the perspective of memory efficiency. 

It is recommended to study in intervals of 20-50 minutes and take a break of 5-10 minutes. Distributing your study over a longer period is the best for long term memory. E.g. 1 slot of 40 minutes daily and 3 slots of 40 minutes over weekend for your NEET PG preparation is likely to retain more than 1 full-time (6 hours) Saturday reading. Points to remember: spread out reading & take intervals.


During the 50 minutes study it is best to avoid distractions even if it helps to calm you down. A good example is playing music in the background when you prepare for your NEET PG exam. Music is a distractor although relaxing. No music, No watching TV, No texting friends, No eating, No Facebook etc during the 50 minutes. You could do this during the 10 minute break. This gives maximum long term retention. If you have to listen to music, instrumental is the best because it doesn’t have lyrics or words. 


A leading 2013 research study on learning techniques shows that Practice Testing is many times superior to conventional highlighting, summarising and re-reading. This is highly recommended and G2M mock test series is optimised for maximum learning and retention. We recommend platinum access for your study until the end of AIIMS PG, DNB & NEET PG 2019. 

This article covers how to prepare for NEET PG 2019, AIIMS PG, DNB, and other institute exams in 2018- 19 with interval learning and practice tests.

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