Create topics for AIIMS PG May 2017

Most Common medical mcqs

How to create topics for AIIMS & NEET PG 2018?

AIIMS May 2017 Topics

There are different ways to create high yielding topics using MY TOPICS on G2M. The new developments will make it easy for you narrow search top MCQs from keytopics, create and save study sessions, pause and exit (new function) and resume (new function) learning later. AIIMS  and NEET PG 2018 require focused learning with My Tests. If you are not familiar with this here are few tips to prepare for your next medical PG entrance exam.

Narrow your topic search to fine tune learning for NEET PG 2018

Suppose you are learning from a guide or course material. What options do we have to search all question with ‘most common’? That’s simply not possible. But on G2M you can separately search keywords / key topics in explanations, choices and questions. This is a major breakthrough for your future medical PG learning.

Search for NEET PG 2018 Questions

Type a word e.g. most common and search questions. This will screen all questions with ‘most common’. G2M platinum access have got 20,000+ MCQs to be screened and learned. At present there are 827 Top quality MCQs with Most Common in the questions. It is must read.

Most Common medical mcqs

Create and Save Topics for AIIMS PG & NEET PG 2018

Once you have filtered you can create and save tests. You can start attending MCQs, read explanations and move to the next one. You may restart from the beginning or continue from where you left. This is a great advantage. 


Pause and Exit saved NEET PG 2018 topic.

 This a brand new feature developed as per the request of G2M candidates. Now you can exit my topics at anytime and pause where you last learned. You can come back to the saved topic and continue from where you last stopped. This gives you flexible learning and not to worry about starting the topic all over again.

Once again G2M has delivered what candidates asked for! And thanks for all the feedback.

It’s hard to learn without a plan or focus. When you have a good selection for NEET PG 2018 or AIIMS PG, what to do next? It’s all about being creative and screening the top AIIMG PG MCQs for your advantage. In-depth learning for AIIMS PG relies on adding more knowledge on thorough basics. Ignoring the basics for AIIMS  is a bad idea. After all this is very competitive, make sure you have at least 6-8 hours a day for learning.

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