Tips for note taking for NEET PG 2018 for effective preparation

Take notes for NEET PG

As most of the learning is now moving online for majority of successful candidates a question remains for NEET PG topics study – is there a role for old fashioned note taking? It is worth to recollect that NEET PG exam is spaced by 1 year and a lot of what you learn will be forgotten. There are various ways candidates save MCQs for future e.g. saved tests, mock test papers and saved separately for revision. But is that enough? G2M team recommend that you also use old fashioned paper notes with a good structure for NEET PG 2018 preparation. The advantages are various. It’s good for all social notes to be online and all personal notes to be in paper. Here are some ways to do it. Also download a print a recommended structure for note taking.

How to prepare notes for NEET PG 2018?
NEET PG 2018 preparation


Tips to follow for note taking for NEET PG 2018 preparation:

1. Copy a neat small summary with headings of NEET PG topics

Do not copy a mass of information. Small summary saves a lot of time and this summary should have all the important information required about the topic for NEET PG 2018.

2. Have a keyword/topic column for top NEET PG topics:

Keywords or hot words are a very concise summary that helps improve your memory for the concerned medical PG entrance topic. Make it a habit to find keywords for all important NEET PG topics and points.

3. Do not use skeleton prose for personal medical PG study notes: 

This is the usual way of taking notes with headings, subheadings and bullets. This method is everywhere like text books and guides. This is not good for personal notes as it becomes ‘copy and paste’. It doesn’t organise contents for your memory with meaning. Too many bullet points will make your learning less effective.

4. Summarise your thoughts: 

Make sure that you have a summary column like final memory tips on your note. Personalise the summary with your own words.

5. Download and print a PDF copy for NEET PG notes:

Download and print note taking template and print it as many times for your use for your NEET PG preparation. This will help better than books because you can keep adding sheets under a particular topic on a later date. Click here to download: Note Taking PDF For Medical PG Entrance Exam Preparation

6. Your own words:

When you use your own words it encourages active thinking, better understanding and high retention. This is a best way to translate a complicated MCQ e.g. AIIMS PG MCQ on G2M, to you own notes for better learning.

7. Try and make questions from a key NEET PG topic:

When you make a question you learn 4 concepts because you have to eliminate the choices. Try and make hot words and MCQs from a topic.  Then try to answer the questions when you revise. Creating MCQs is the most effective revision method for NEET PG and AIIMS PG known, provided you have ample time. Start the work from DNB CET in June. This will certainly help.

8. Use abbreviations and symbols: 

Using abbreviations helps to keep the notes brief. E.g. ≠ for fracture. Abbreviations can be personal but never abbreviate keywords.

9. Organising notes for NEET PG 2018:

G2M downloadable notes are organised to suit NEET PG 2018 preparation. The notes are organised as key topics and space for basic concepts and advance reading. Basic concepts are emphasised because this is key for NEET PG success. 

10. Record revision date: 

This is a key goal of note taking – ‘learn later’. When it is procrastination it often doesn’t happen. Hence you have to have time for your revision. Note down a revision date on the notes. There is no compromise on this. It is easier to score high with this approach. 3 revisions before NEET PG is recommended, particularly notes made from NEET PG MCQs on g2m platinum code pc102. 

11. Drawing Mind Maps/ Tree Diagrams:

Drawing allows you to stay focussed from the beginning. You can get a very clear idea of the topic and even make the most boring lectures interesting, as your mind thoroughly visualises and analyses each and every concept that is being read or taught.

12. Stop hoarding and start note taking:

This is a serious problem today. Downloading many TBs/GBs of contents on phones and computers. This includes hoarding textbooks and study notes. G2M research shows that most people who hoard digital materials do poorly in exams as they live in a false sense of security. It’s important to stop hoarding and start learning with good focus on important topics and MCQs.

Keep a notebook for every subject for NEET PG topics that are key. Use pens of different colour to highlight important points. Make handwritten notes from the stuff you are reading, listening or attempting (MCQs). Pen down important one-liners so that you can go through them quickly at the time of revision. You can add SOCIAL NOTES under each MCQs on G2M. These notes are online notes that can be seen by all others with Platinum access. Helping each other with mnemonics etc is a good idea when you are on NEET PG 2018 preparation

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