10 Top NEET PG Tips for Medical Interns and House Surgeons

Planning your NEET PG preparation around Medical Internship Postings:

The NEET PG advantage: Medical interns, house surgeons and final year MBBS students are in a very good situation to grab their PG seat in the first attempt, thanks to the new NEET PG exam format.

Medical Internship is a period of hardships and dilemma for most NEET PG candidates. The dilemma is of improving your clinical skills, knowledge and experience against not having enough time for PG exam preparation during medical internship or house surgeon postings. Yes, a competent doctor should have excellent procedural skills and gain hands-on experience in a range of specialities and settings. This will eventually help to narrow down the speciality of your choice. On the other hand if you can’t find time for your PG preparation it has a detrimental effect on your chances in acquiring a speciality of your choice for the following 2 reasons.

  1. A big chunk of your learning can go hand-in-hand with your internship or house surgeon postings. This is great way to assimilate and consolidate information. Knowledge and skills, theory and practicals all together helps retention long-term.
  2. Academic contacts are important part of candidate’s motivation for Medical PG preparation. During your rotatory internship you have the company of many of your seniors and peers who could help your learning. This is not the same after the post-internship period.
  3. Read the basic concepts for NEET PG: Whilst it is important to chase the previous years MCQs, it is imperative that time is allocated to read the basic concepts while you are fresh to the subjects.

10 Top Tips for Medical Interns and House Surgeons for NEET PG preparation.

  1. Planning is the Tip No. 1. Get your medical rotatory internship schedule early. When do you have your busy internship postings? Near to Exams or Early? This will determine how to plan your preparation. 
  2. All successful candidates admit that a good 1-2 year period of preparation is necessary for medical PG entrance success. This should ideally start with your final year MBBS exam preparation.
  3. Plan to cover all 19 subjects. It is best to divide the subjects to 3 tiers for your medical PG preparation during internship. Clinical, Preclinical (3rd Year) and Basic Subjects (1st year and 2nd year).
  4. Make sure that you read the same clinical speciality of your postings. It is critical that you are thorough with the basic theory for NEET PG. This will bring practice and theory together. Make sure you read standard text and mostly around the high yield topics.
  5. Read one pre-clinical and/or basic subject during your posting. This is the time to improve your knowledge of subjects from the first 3 years of your MBBS. Avoiding this will be a costly mistake. Make a plan well ahead. You have more time for this during the less busy internship postings.
  6. MCQs first (Mock Tests). Then reading text. Then MCQs again (Mock Tests). This approach is adopted by many successful candidates because it helps to know what to read and what to focus on. An initial quick browsing of the MCQs is important whether text or Mock Test. Mock exams give the necessary pressure that suits your needs. During medical internship you are prone to read what helps your practice. MCQs will shift your orientation to what applies for your success is PG entrance exams. You could use  Rapid Test for this purpose.
  7. All you have is quality ‘few’ hours. Unlike the repeaters internship candidates do not have 8 hours per day to prepare. All you need is a protected 2-3 hours of quality time per day. This is time away from everything including social media and mobile chats. It is good to take part in G2M whatsapp groups but it is best done outside the protected time.
  8. Take part in all live mock tests using web and mobile apps. There is no substitute for practice. Attending mock test series regularly helps you to know your weak subjects and topics. If you have access to internet    you could do medical PG entrance preparation mock test series with a laptop. If not you could use mobile apps to do live mock tests during your postings. G2M Mock Tests on web and mobiles are designed to give you access 24/7 during the period of mock exam. There is no better tool for medical interns and house surgeons. 
  9. Final month of exam preparation is very important for house surgeons. This is when you reach the zenith of your entrance preparation. Here both exploration and consolidation are important. 
  10. Keep the fire in your belly! Physical tiredness can be cut down by not doing unnecessary things during your medical internship. Good diet, light exercise and vitamin supplements would help.

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This article is about medical PG entrance preparation tips for medical interns and house surgeons. 

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