Fast track for AIIMS PG May 2018 success

AIIMS May 2018

Two months to AIIMS May 2018

AIIMS May 2018 is just two months away. Here are some simple steps to score high:

  1.  The depth of preparation is key for AIIMS PG success. It is highly recommended that you refer a standard text, 1-2 paragraphs around the question.
  2. An excellent revision plan will need a list of essential concepts for AIIMS PG which has to be tallied with the time available. On G2M it is highly recommended to read the AIIMS PG pack questions and divide them into topics under MY TOPICS.
  3. Study the hard topics and unfamiliar topics first and when you are fresh. Revise the familiar ones last – ‘keep the easy for the last’. Allocate more time for re-revision of topics where you make mistakes. The key goal is to ‘understand’ the unfamiliar topics before the AIIMG PG entrance exam. Learning the answers to questions as ‘facts’ has minimal benefits.
  4. Attend all 9 G2M Mock Tests for effective AIIMS PG May 2018 preparation.   You may subscribe platinum access instantly here. 

AIIMS May 2018 PG preparation has already started. Please see the schedule below

Start Date End Date Exam Centre & Apps No of MCQs Time
Answers & Corrections Rank List Statistics Subject Stats Centre 2 Exams
FEB 09   FEB 10 AIIMS MAY 2018- 03 200 180 minutes
MAR 04 MAR 06 AIIMS TARGET SERIES 3 100 90 minutes
MAR 16 MAR 17 AIIMS MAY 2018- 04 200 180 minutes
Mar 30 Apr 05 AIIMS TARGET FINAL 01 200 180 minutes
APR 06 APR 07 AIIMS MAY 2018- 05 200 180 minutes
Apr 13 Apr 19 AIIMS TARGET FINAL 02 200 180 minutes
APR 27 APR 28 AIIMS MAY 2018- 06 200 180 minutes
APR 27 MAY 03 AIIMS TARGET FINAL 03 200 180 minutes
MAY 04 MAY 05 AIIMS MAY 2018- 07 200 180 minutes

5. During your groundwork for the exam, it is good to have notebooks for specific functions to help your AIIMS PG May 2018 final revision. One such notebook should be dedicated to blotter the key concepts relevant for AIIMS PG exam. The key concepts should be recorded in not more than three sentences.

It is important to cover over 200-300 high-quality updated MCQs in the final weeks of AIIMS PG preparation. There is no better place to do this than on G2M.


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