Final 10 days to NEET PG – Preparation Tips

NEET PG 2018 conducted by the National board of examinations (NBE) is scheduled for 7th January 2018. It is the time for peak preparation.

Quality of MCQs

In the last 10 days of NEET PG preparation make sure you read MCQs of high quality with standard references. Avoid experimenting with new books and online forums.

Tips for platinum candidates: All questions on G2M platinum access are quality tested and have standard references. This should be the least of your worry in the last 10 days. 

Brief Explanation

It is a bad idea to read a lot about one question in the last 10 days of exam study. Be judicious and keep the explanations to 2-5 sentences or 1-2 paragraphs. This may be the time to cover 200-300 NEET PG model MCQs per day. This should include revision and a proportion of new questions.

Tips for platinum candidates: MCQs on G2M has brief explanations and to the point. This helps to cover a large number of questions in the last 10 days. G2M explanations also covers 1-2 extra points that could become new MCQs.

Fight fatigue with determination

Your determination in the final days of exam preparation will be reciprocated with proportionate NEET PG results. Visualise success as you prepare. The attitude should be ‘I can do it’. 

 Tips for platinum candidates: Get your determination in your favour, to cover 1000s of questions in the final days. This is a winning strategy. Use Rapid Test, My Topics, Platinum Codes and G2M genius to tailer down specific types of MCQs.

Have a 10-day workload plan

It is ideal to have a plan with a set number of MCQs to cover in the last 10 days. Divide them into revision and new questions for NEET PG. 

 Tips for platinum candidates: Make sure you revise all the mistakes made in the G2M mock tests. You could access your old results with corrections in the MY EXAMS are or use this link.


Avoid all new and extra activities these 10 days to NEET PG. They can all wait. Avoid new books or literature. There is no magic shortcut to success. Reduce all fun and try more relaxation exercises in between learning.

 Tips for platinum candidates: Make sure that you set aside time for revising the High Yeild Topics created in My Topics section. It is also a priority to revise all the mistakes from mock exams.  

A-Z learning is not realistic

An A-Z revision for NEET PG exam is unrealistic. Get over it and have a plan that you can complete before your exam date. Planning too big leads to slow preparation and volumes of untouched areas. Get your stress down.

 Tips for platinum candidates: Focus mocks have been running with 10 top questions on high-proliferating topics. These bite-size exams will cover over 3000 top questions. Don’t forget to revise your focus mock mistakes. Continue to attend until exam (highly recommended). Focus mocks are on Centre B Click Here

Know yourself and your exam

NEET PG and DNB are conducted by NBE and the scoring system is similar. Bot exams share common question pools. Test out yourself where you stand. Make sure you eat, sleep, exercise and have time with family and friends.

  Tips for platinum candidates: Select NEET PG pack, DNB packs and also use the platinum code pc102 for NEET PG revision. Test yourselves and work on your weaknesses. MicroMock exams needs to be revised for most difficult questions (commonly mistaken) and PowerMock exams for most frequently repeated. MicroMocks and PowerMocks are continuing on Centre A.

Practice without fail

Make sure you continue to attend all priority mock exams for NEET PG. Practice in the final days is very important to improve concentration and effective thinking process. DOWNLOAD Full Schedule for NEET PRIORITY MOCKS

  Tips for platinum candidates: Attend NEET PG Priority/Premium Mock Exams and the Final Exam. Priority Mocks are running daily on SUPERBATCH (Centre C). If you are not a platinum candidate you may subscribe to exams individually.

Final NEET PG Mock Exam is available here. 

All the best wishes for your big exam from Gate To Medicine Team.

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