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We have the top 70 repeated MCQs in Medical PG exams across India to share with you. We studied exams such as NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB, JIPMER, NIMHANS and a few more.

We present you the top 70 frequently asked MCQs for FREE on GateToMedicine. The list is as good as it can get but by no means perfect. We found that some of the questions were repeated more than 35 times in the last 10 years across the country. Isn’t that fascinating!

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This question has a repeat count of 27!

Which of the following virus is associated with Kaposi sarcoma?

A. Human papillomaviruses
B. Epstein-Barr virus
C. Merkel cell virus
D. Human herpesvirus 8

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This question has a repeat count on 31. It was asked in so many different ways. The latest format is as an image question.

A newborn after a few hours of birth started vomiting and presents with epigastric distension. An abdominal X-ray is taken and is shown below. What is the likely condition?

dbsiA. Colon carcinoma
B. Perforation
C. Intussusception
D. Duodenal atresia

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