How to approach negative marking in NEET PG 2018?

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We all know by now that NBE has decided to conduct NEET PG 2018 in single window and to incorporate the negative marking in NEET PG 2018 examination. Basically, the main objective behind the incorporation of negative marking system is to minimize and penalize the ‘guess factor’ which is inherent in MCQs. This system is surely beneficial for genuine candidates who work really hard to achieve what they desire. However, this update has left so many candidates in a very panicky and agitated state.

How to decide on attempting MCQs for your NEET PG 2018?

This is not very complicated but many candidates get it wrong. There are medical PG candidates who attend up to 4 or 5 different medical PG exams a year. And some go with blanket policies on attending MCQs  whether there is a negative marking or not. This single approach needs to be abandoned and a personal strategy needs to be adopted.

What is the best for NEET PG 2018? Skip or Not?

Skip Judiciously. You have negative marks for wrong answers in NEET PG 2018! You get 4 marks for correct answer and -1 for wrong. This makes guesswork very difficult. Answer only if you know the answer. If you are sure that you have eliminated 2 choices you still have a 50% chance, then attempt. If you are not sure SKIP. This is your best bet.

What strategy must be followed in the last 45 days for Revision?

Last 45 days is a very restricted time span. In order to derive the maximum output from these last 45 Days, your strategy should be to strengthen your strong areas and attain a fair degree of competence in weak areas. Thoroughly revise all the important key points, concepts and highlights. Avoid touching new topics at this instant. Dedicate 6-7 hours to Revision and 6-7 hours to practice each day. Mock Tests are vital to success in NEET PG. They help you gauge your preparation level throughout the preparation. Further, they will help you in developing acquaintance to the Software Platform. A key factor is to review performance after each Mock Test and analyze strengths and weaknesses. Attempt at least 1 Full-Length Mock Test each day in the last 45 days. Further, you must aim to gradually boost your performance by rectifying your mistakes. You must emphasize on factors such as Speed and Accuracy while attempting Mock Tests since they are the ultimate drivers of success. In order to attain a fairly good Speed and Accuracy, attempt 2-3 Speed Tests each day.

Read the question and options very carefully:

This is certainly the most important success key. Read the question and all the options carefully. No matter who is conducting the exam, the options in NEET PG will be confusing. You might think that you know the answer after reading just first 2 options. But before you answer any question, do read all the options properly.

Also, do not jump to conclusions. Look out for negative words like “except” “but” “not” in the question. Because these might change the answer.

Don’t try to attempt the questions in order:

If you get stuck at difficult questions first you might waste a lot of time and miss out on the easy once. So do not try to attempt the questions in order. Treat this online exam as you will treat a pen and paper based exam where you can see all the questions together. Keep your ego out of the examination hall- Do not spend a lot of time fiddling with a difficult question. If you feel that a question has taken about 1 minute, skip it and move ahead.

Our message to all the aspirants is to put in your 100% effort and concentration to preparation. Remain calm and do not succumb to exam pressure. Smart work, perseverance, determination and Self-Confidence will surely help you achieve a good rank. Remember, we don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges. We are hopeful that these views will surely guide you on how to utilize the last 45 days to the fullest for NEET PG Preparation and help you achieve a good rank in NEET PG 2018.

Follow these strategies with a strong willpower and faith in your abilities. Just remember that this change is not only applicable to you, every NEET PG 2018 aspirant is sailing in the same boat.

So be calm and optimist.

You will surely make it.

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This article is about how to tackle negative marking in NEET PG 2018. It comprises decision on attempting MCQs for your NEET PG 2018. Medical PG courses and Mock tests: Click here

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