How to crack NEET PG in Last Two Months?

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Here, We have come up with a series of Grand Final Exams(Covering All Subjects), Power Mocks, Micromocks(Based on Subjects) and  Focus Mock (Topic based).

We conduct Mock Exams on daily basis with All India Rank till December  from Tomorrow.

The Exam details are as follows:

  • NEET PG Premier Finals – 11
  • NEET PG Grand Finals – 2
  • Micro Mocks – 10
  • Power mocks – 9

In Total: (100+ Mock Tests)

  • Micro Mock and Power Mock (Subjects based with 50 MCQs) – 19
  • Focus Mock (Topic Based with 10 MCQs) – 70
  • Grand Final Exams (Covering All Subjects 300 MCQs) – 13

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We are conducting NEET PG exams as per the pattern of NATIONAL BOARD OF EXAMINATIONS.

Please be aware that NATIONAL BOARD OF EXAMINATIONS (NBE)  has issued a notice stating – There is negative marks come up for all wrong answers, so one need to be very careful in selecting the correct options in the Examination to avoid loss of marks and end up getting low rank. We request all the Neet PG candidates to attend the Grand test tomorrow which consists of 300 MCQs to avail the best of it. These Schedules will be very useful for all PG aspirants and to prepare well in advance for the upcoming exams.     

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Try to improve with every full length mock test you take, see which subject you make mistakes in or waste time in and try to revise and improve on that. Climb one step with each mock test and reach the top of the ladder when you take NEET PG

As we all know, there is negative marks come up for all wrong answers, so one need to be very careful in selecting the correct options.

We wish great success for all the PG Candidates to score good Rank and get a seat in your dream institute.

How to prepare for NEET PG in Last 2 months?

December is a devious month for the medical students. Nationwide, students are actively hopping on to the gladiator mode. NEET PG Entrance Exams are just around the corner,

As NEET PG exam is approaching, it is high time to burn the midnight oil for getting a desired rank.

For those who have completed or are about to complete the syllabus at least once, it is important that you continue to revise in these last vital months.

Revision is most significant part of any preparation and necessary to remember what you studied. It is imperative to do effective revision owing to the vast syllabus and lot of information that needs to be memorized. Avoid reading anything new in these last months and focus on revision as it is a secret of many successful aspirants.

1. Prioritize subjects depending on the weight-age

Spend most time on subjects which are high-yielding and are most expected in the exam. Emphasize more on revising the subjects carrying high-weightage as per the analysis of previous year’s papers and then, continue to subjects that carry low weightage.

2. Revise from notes

Revise from the notes you prepared during your Revision. In case of confusion, you may refer to textbooks. Avoid changing your books at this time and refer to those only that you referred to during the preparation.

This will help in longer retention of information and saves the time by simplifying the revision.

3. Practice, Practice & Practice Mock Tests

Practicing mock tests and MCQs are crucial to succeed in the exam. Attempt subject-wise tests after revising a specific topic. It helps in gaining an edge over a topic and to become proficient in your concepts.

This will also assist you in analyzing your preparation level and topics on which you must focus more.

Be sincere while taking these full length mock tests and evaluate yourself to increase your score in subsequent attempts.

Spend 6-7 hours per day for revising the subjects and 3 hours to practice MCQs.

4. Positivity is imperative

Your attitude has a major share of impact on the level of study that you do and the effectiveness of the learning. If you possess a negative approach and keep saying that you can’t do it then this won’t commit to the idea of learning. This will only make things difficult. Instead, focus your mind on being optimistic for the outcomes and on using your own individual strengths to achieve them. The time you start thinking positively, the reward centers in your brain show greater activity, thus making you feel less anxious and more open to new ideas.

5. Embrace New Technologies

Most people study by highlighting on the textbooks and making notes with a pen on a scrap of paper. However these methods still find their place and importance but there are countless options for personalising study than ever before. Be it through online tools, social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps, learning has become easy, interesting and user-centred.

6. Establishment of the Study Routine

For the establishment of the routine, first important point is to create the study environment. For creating this, find a quiet place to study. The second thing is that there is no hard and fast rule to play by when it comes to best time for studying and how long one should study for. Everybody is different and have their own capacity. So if you’re a morning person wake up early to study, if you’re a night person stay up late to study. Do what works best for you for maximum output.

7. Test Yourself often

Lack of self-analysis beforehand leads to negative consequences. The only solution to this is to mentally prepare for the pressure by testing yourself on prior basis. Also, knowing your competition before going for the exam is an asset. Testing yourself with online mock tests is a great way of doing this. And don’t worry about the performance in the initial stage– the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

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