EXPOSURE IS KING – Start low & go slow

NEET PG 2018 preparation has started on G2M and the key tip is ‘exposure’ to maximum number of quality MCQs and concepts.

Exposure to key concepts for NEET PG 2018

Tips for NEET PG 2018 preparation is full of conflicting views on the internet. However it is certain that preparation is the key and exposure to a range of topics, concepts and key questions is the king of all tips.

Here is an example of a top candidate’s score fluctuations in different exams on GateToMedicine. Despite good preparation a fluctuation of 10-20% marks could happen with the type of paper and topics covered. This can explain the unexpected setbacks for many well prepared candidates attending national medical PG exams, NEET PG, AIIMS, DNB, NIMHANS and JIPMER.

Concepts from the past NEET PG MCQs are by far the best predictors of future questions for most exams e.g NEET PG 2018. National Board of Examinations (NBE) warn candidates not to share the questions to prevent the pool from being published. It is however impossible for concepts  not to be shared in the times of social media. There is an impressive new pool of MCQs which have appeared in NEET PG 2017 and DNB exams. Direct repeats have varied between 10% and 35% in 2017. However with the introduction of PROMETRIC tests, the value of direct repeats have diminished. 

What’s key for NEET PG 2018?

Start with the basics. NEET PG is geared up as an exit exam for MBBS. The advantage is for the newly qualified doctors who are more touch with the basic concepts. G2M platinum code pc102 will cover basic concepts thoroughly before the next NEET PG exams. Reading is important around the key concepts and previously asked MCQs. Hence reading the explanations is vital.

G2M has commissioned new questions to include images in explanations, which could also appear as image-based MCQs.


It is vital to attend different type of mock exams. Here are some examples of G2M exams

PowerMocks – Covers repeated questions and high yielding topics

MicroMocks – Covers less repeated but high scoring questions. It’s a hard one!

Focus Mocks – Daily 10 MCQs from High Proliferating Topics. This will cover 3000+ questions in 1 year.

SuperBatch Exams – These exams are tailored for institutes, AIIMS, NIMHANS and JIPMER. There is also a self-learning opportunity for Platinum Access candidates on Telegram and WhatsApp SuperBatches.

The platinum principle has been very popular since it’s inception 2 years ago. Top NEET PG candidates (including Rank 3) in NEET PG 2017 had prepared with multiple exams and worked effectively on their weak areas.

Benefits of Platinum Access

In 3 points – Unlimited access, daily learning, social support and the most affordable in the country.

Over 20,000 high-yielding MCQs for learning in the study panel (Consisting of innovative features like STAMINA, GENIUS, RAPID TEST, MY TOPICS and SELF-MOCKS)

Platinum Codes: To target high proliferating topics and specific exams.

SuperBatches: Be members of G2M SuperBatch on WhatsApp and Telegram


Other Resources Includes: Harrison’s Complete Pack and MCI Screening Pack

Platforms: Website, Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (Both optimised mobile and Apps) 

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