7 great steps to your last 2 months NEET PG preparation

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NEET PG preparation of medical graduates often end up in a desperate situation near to exams. This is either due to procrastination, work schedule, heavy internship,  family commitments or other unforeseen circumstances.

It is never too late for action. The right time is now – Jane Fonda

7 steps for your 2 months NEET PG preparation

  1. Identify the topics:

    It is worth spending a day or two to note down the topics that needs to be covered in each subjects. This could also be done online with ease if you use some of the most advanced revision websites.

    *** Successful NEET PG candidates have a way of identifying the high yielding topics

    One good website is Gate To Medicine (www.gatetomedicine.com). Here lot of the work is done for you. Important subjects and topics are organised and presented for rapid learning. For this you should be using the filters in ‘Rapid Tests’ and create revision topics using ‘My Tests’ on Gate To Medicine.

  2. Read your notes and highlights:

    If you have been making notes and highlighting texts in a standard text book E.g. new edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or Bailey & Love, make sure that you have time to skim through those points. This is the time not to be a perfectionist.

    *** Even if you have highlighted only a few chapters, that is good enough for NEET PG exam.

    On Gate To Medicine you should revise the ‘Tagged questions’. These are the ones you would have thought to revise later for better memory.

  3. Remember the 80/20 principle: 

    This simply means that 80% of your results come from 20% of your work. The remaining 80% of the work is often not that productive for NEET PG result.

    *** In the last 2 months of your preparation it is of utmost importance to cover large number of questions per day.

  4. Combination approach for NEET PG preparation:

    You could cover 4500 questions in a month if you were to do 150 questions a day.  One of the recent toppers in AIIMS PG exam explained that he used a combination method to cover 190 questions a day. 50 questions revised with explanations and 40 questions as rapid online revision and 100 questions as mock test practice. This gave him a thorough learning of 1500 MCQs, Rapid revision of 1200 MCQs and exam practice of 3000 questions, covering more than 5000 MCQs in the final month. This is not very different for NEET PG preparation. AIIMS and NEET PG is comparable in terms of completion although the difficulty level of MCQs vary. 

    *** It is essential to make use of the best in every approach

    On GateToMedicine you could find the revision materials and mock tests with statistics to suit your needs. This could further inform the areas you need to focus. G2M Genius offers a platform for full revision with questions allocated to you according to your performance against others, calculated with artificial intelligence.

  5. Choose the right books and websites for good NEET PG results:

    One of the mistakes that NEET PG candidates make is to take part in open forums.

    *** Although open forums can be a good source of NEET PG questions, they have a big drawback – conflicting views and information which could reduce memory effectiveness

    Popular forums are often not authentic. Many candidates choose wrong answers because their memory gets falsified over a period of time. The best place to learn is places where standard references are quoted or standard reference text books like Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. On GateToMedicine  every single question has explanations with references. The answers are prepared by specialists and that is one less thing to worry.

  6. Breaks between topics:

    It is important to take short breaks between topics and subjects during NEET PG preparation.  It is good to do something relaxing or take a 30 minute nap. You could leave a status update on Facebook too!

    *** It is hard when you have to learn more than 10 subjects. Breaks are like recharging your battery

    Snacking 3 times a day and 3 small main meals is also a good way of keeping the energy levels high. Small main meals helps to reduce the tiredness and improve the focus.

  7. Review your NEET PG topics & Sleep well:

    A quick review of the topic after the break helps to find new points and connections. It enhances memory of the topics. This could be a mental exercise that can be repeated after each topic. It is hard to say what suits for everybody but as a general rule 6-8 hours sleep is good during the last month.

    *** Good balanced eating, light exercise, nice sleep topped up with naps and short breaks are likely to improve effective learning.

Is it possible to grab a prestigious PG seat in your chosen speciality in 2 months of NEET PG preparation? The answer is yes. It takes organisation, dedication and time management. To cover 150 MCQs a day with balanced eating, light exercise, good sleep, naps and breaks will remain a challenge that only a few would pursue but success will be the result. All the best for NEET PG 2018 online exam. Latest information about NEET PG 2018, dates, NEET PG 2018 results and counselling is available on NBE website. NEET PG 2018 examination will be conducted on December 2017. NEET PG demo online test is available here. It is a similar platform to Gate To Medicine. 

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