4 Tips For DNB CET Computer Based Tests

4 Exam Day Tips For Medical PG Entrance Tests

1. Give equal focus on MCQs

It is easy to use all your concentration for the first 20 questions in your upcoming DNB CET 2017 Exam. However this will leave you more tired for the next 280 Questions. It is important to practice equal focus on all questions. There are times when some questions need more attention. This applies to the 1st question and the 200th question. 

Quick Tip: First 20 questions are not more important than the rest. Rushing in the end will result in poor scores. 

2. Don’t worry about difficulty level

Some candidates go to the exam hall expecting an ‘easier paper’. This is a wrong way of thinking. If it is easy for you it is easy for others too. This also brings another thinking problem. When you see a difficult question, you start judging the paper as ‘tough’. This creates stress and increased stress hormones. Stress affects concentration, retrieval and overall performance. 

Quick Tip: Focus on how best you can answer a question. Don’t judge the difficulty of the exam paper. 

3. Practice the pace

Starting, maintaining focus and ending all 3 are important on medical PG entrance exam day. Hence there is no substitute to practice. An optimal pace is important to understand and eventually complete the exam. During medical PG mock tests we see many candidates finishing exams half way through. This doesn’t help your exam preparation. What matters is your concentration in the second half of the exam. Hence it is important to complete mock tests to get the full advantage. Brain needs training. 

Quick Tip: Complete exams when you do practice tests. Practice the pace for understanding, maintaining focus and completing exams. 

4. Strategies for challenging questions

Challenging questions are unavoidable in medical PG entrance exams. Toppers work on having a strategy for such questions. It is personal and needs to be tested with practice mock tests. Review whether your strategies are working. On G2M you may use the ‘difficulty filter’ to find the questions that most people get wrong. More about how to use this will be in the next article. 

Quick Tip: Work on strategies to improve your ability to tackle challenging questions. 

Q1. Which one of the following is best associated with Lumefantrine?
A. Antimycobacterial
B. Antifungal
C. Antimalarial
D. Antiamoebic

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Q2. Treatment of choice for severe falciparum malaria is:
A. Chloroquine
B. Intravenous artesunate
C. Intravenous quinine
D. Intravenous quinidine

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Q3. Which of the following antimalarial has immunomodulatory effect?
A. Hydroxychloroquine
B. Chloroquine
C. Quinine
D. All of the above

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