Whatsapp Group for Gold Access

We had introduced the largest FREE resources for Medical PG candidates called GOLD ACCESS. This includes revision questions and top mock exams.

You will have Free exam with the total MCQs is as follows:

Grand Mock (Exam Based Mock tests  1100 MCQs )
Super Mocks (Fine tuned for the toppers 550 MCQs )
Micro Mocks (Frequently mistaken MCQs  650 MCQs )
Power Mocks (Most frequently repeated MCQs  600 MCQs )
Focus Mock (10 MCQs daily exams  500 MCQs )

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The basic schedule is is given below:

1 Focus Mock a week
1 Power Mock a month
1 Micro Mock a month
1 Grand Mock in 2 months
1 Super Batch Exam in 2 months

Now, we have introduced a new group on Whatsapp for GOLD ACCESS. Here you will get the notification of an upcoming free mock and also, chat with other participants with open discussion. Visit the Link below to Join the GOLD ACCESS Group  

If you want full access you may upgrade to Platinum Access (with over 22,000 MCQs and 616 Mock Exams)



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