G2M Stamina

STAMINA, this says, Attempt until you fail which means you will have number of questions popping up one after another which you need to get correct.

If its Correct, all is fine. But If it goes wrong, will give you the correct answer, Explanation, Reference and your current score.

Then you must start from the beginning with a fresh question. Moreover, its like a game which you’ll love playing!!!


You can see STAMINA on your study panel.

– Attempt the maximum number of correct questions possible.
– Your score (Stamina) is the total number of correct questions in a row.
– Your session ends with a mistake!
– Improve your STAMINA with constant practice. Your can see the explanations at the end.
– You have 55 seconds to answer a question. This is ‘exam like’ and you learn to perform under pressure.

How Stamina will be effective for NEET PG 2019 exam Preparations?

Exam like pressure, competitive daily/all time scores, quality MCQs and assessment of your preparation level in few minutes!

How to use STAMINA? (See the video)

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