RAPID TEST – Repeated Practice of questions

One of the recent toppers in AIIMS PG exam explained that he used a combination method to cover 190 questions a day. 50 questions revised with explanations and 40 questions as rapid online revision and 100 questions as mock test practice. This gave him a thorough learning of 1500 MCQs, Rapid revision of 1200 MCQs and exam practice of 3000 questions, covering more than 5000 MCQs in the final month. This is not very different for NEET PG preparation. AIIMS and NEET PG is comparable in terms of completion although the difficulty level of MCQs vary.

Where do you stand for a perfect revision?

The best place to test this is G2M RAPID TEST. It gives you 70 top MCQs for all the registered candidates. There are different types of filters available with Rapid Test. Rapid test have options to select mcqs from desired subjects. So can attempt subject wise questions or even chapter wise question.

When lot of doctors wrongly attempt one question, then that question automatically get a High Difficult level status. Similarly Easy and Medium Status will be assigned based on All India Level users performance on the questions. The user can select hard, medium or easy MCQs as per your convenience, and can make a pool of easy questions, hard questions or moderate questions. 

There are also wide variety of selections like MCQs not seen before or skipped, MCQs got right  or wrong before, MCQs saved before for revision etc. Candidate can select the number of question for the test. Another attracting feature of Rapid test is keyword searching option. This will give you opportunities to create a topic based exam. After attempting the mcqs you can view your scores and percentage.

How to use Rapid Test (See the video)

Login to website > Click on Study Panel > Select Active Pack as Platinum Access > Select All exams  > Save
Then click on Rapid test or My topic > Use filter > generate exam

RAPID TEST is for Repeated Practice of questions

◘ Different types of filters available.

◘ Make a pool of easy questions, hard questions or moderate questions with Rapid Test

◘ Attempt subject wise questions or even chapter wise question

◘ Filter questions you’ve not seen, you attempted wrongly etc

◘ Learn question with full explanations.

◘ Enabled with session analysis and G2M analytics

◘ Have your own Subject wise/Topic wise test

How Rapid Test will be effective for NEET PG 2019 exam Preparations?

You can create High yield topics using this feature. You can filter MCQs as per your needs. Hard MCQs, Keyword Filter, Subject wise & Chapter wise filter available.

Tips for platinum candidates: Get your determination in your favour, to cover 1000s of questions in the final days. This is a winning strategy. Use Rapid Test, My Topics, Platinum Codes and G2M genius to tailer down specific types of MCQs.

Use platinum codes for Topic wise Study

G2M platinum code can be used the same way as keywords on Rapid Test or My Topic. Make sure that you select Platinum Access > in Study Panel > and > SAVE. Then go to Rapid Test or My Topic to generate the key questions. 

You can Filter Fresh Questions here. Type pc102 in KEYWORD OR PLATINUM CODE and click on GENERATE EXAM tab.

Review by Candidates

One good website is Gate To Medicine (www.gatetomedicine.com). Here lot of the work is done for you. Important subjects and topics are organised and presented for rapid learning. For this you should be using the filters in ‘Rapid Tests’ and create revision topics using ‘My Tests’ on Gate To Medicine.

We recommend that you attend the upcoming Medical PG mock tests on G2M. This has to go hand in hand with rapid revision. Our choice for rapid revision is Platinum Access.

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