How to use platinum codes?

Since it’s conception in 2012, pioneering India’s first online medical PG preparation platform, G2M made a big leap for medical pg preparation with Platinum Codes. Top codes are distributed to platinum access candidates. E.g. Code pc102 will cover NEET PG creamy layer MCQs over the year.

How to use platinum codes for NEET PG, AIIMS, NIMHANS, JIPMER & DNB?

G2M platinum code can be used the same way as keywords on Rapid Test or My Topic. Make sure that you select Platinum Access > in Study Panel > and > SAVE. Then go to Rapid Test or My Topic to generate the key questions. It’s good to take notes and classify as you learn. This will give better memory than a PDF list prepared by someone else. E.g. ‘most common’. You can also select a subject and use the keyword/code, for subject-wise revision. It is the most interactive experience of medical entrance preparation in 2018.

Important codes are given below in table

Platinum code Specific Topics No of Questions
pc102 NEET PG Creamy Layer MCQs for NEET PG 2018 and DNB CET 2999 (Updating)
pc302 AIIMS 2017 Addons 66 (Updating)
pc228 Subject-wise chat MCQs (Telegram) 842 (Updating)
pc227 NIMHANS Psychiatry addons. 61 (Updating)
pc202 NIMHANS Neurology addons. 368 (Updating)

You may find more Platinum Codes Here. Read more

If you are not familiar with platinum codes, you may read below. We recommend that you revise on a laptop.

How to use Platinum Codes and where to find codes?

Step 1 : Select Platinum Access in Study Panel

Go to and click STUDY PANEL

Step 2 : Select Rapid Test

Step 3 :  Type Keyword or Code

Type the platinum code for creamy layer MCQs. E.g. Type pc102 for  NEET PG creamy layer MCQs over the year. Click outside and GENERATE EXAM only when the total number of questions have reduced from 20,000 to a smaller number.

It is important to remember that ‘basic topics’ are not ‘easy topics’. This needs thorough revision under code pc102. Follow platinum code pc102 for highly important NEET PG and DNB MCQs. The pool is prepared specifically for Medical PG 2018 -19  and the number of questions are increasing steadily. It reveal the creamy layer MCQs from the 20,000 high quality pool for revision.

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