G2M Genius – Best for your medical PG entrance exam

G2M Genius is an advanced learning software unique to Gate To Medicine. The unique platform of G2M Genius has a very sophisticated artificial intelligence for item response and allocation for medical PG entrance preparation. It analyse your performance and increase the level of hardness in qusttions as you progress. What if your medical PG study guide could know your strengths and weaknesses? What is it can see the mistakes made by thousands of others on a single question? What if the guide can then assign a difficulty level for each question? If it can allocate you questions proportionately to help your progress? What if it can tell you where you stand against thousands of others? How about having your statistics along side? What if it can motivate you to complete your whole course keeping track of your learning and not giving you the same question twice? G2M Genius is all that in one place.

G2M Genius is all that in one place. Truly integrated with artificial intelligence.

genius brain How does it work? 

Although it all sounds complicated Genius is one of the easiest to use. All you need is to follow the steps below to make yourself familiar with this amazing companion.

Steps to using GENIUS for your Medical PG Preparation:

1. Login to www.gatetomedicine.com and go to STUDY PANEL

Login to the website. You may have free MCQs for your trial. You could add more than 15,000 questions when you buy our affordable packages. And don’t forget to see if there are offers!

2.  Select the G2M Genius Icon – You are ready to start!

Study panel has various forms of learning like Rapid Test, My Test and Self Mock Test. You need to click on the top item, G2M Genius. This is also called Item Response and Allocation study, because of the constant assessment-comparison-allocation cycle. Such means of exam evaluation is also used often by medical PG exam boards to see the accurate standing of candidates.

3. Look at the status

When you start your status will not be displayed. Once you have attempted 15 questions you will have a status assigned. This will depend on the proportion of difficult, moderate and easy questions you answer. Your status will be better if you answer higher proportion of difficult questions. This will give you an advantage over others.

Your candidate status will change further after every 50 questions you attempt. Once your status change the questions will be allocated to you with a different formula applied. Hence the GENIUS will give you the type of questions that you are more likely to lose marks for. E.g. Dr. R is very good with difficult questions (questions that 70% of doctors get wrong), but he gets easy questions wrong. This will jeopardize his hopes for a good result. Hence GENIUS will allocate more easy questions (questions that 70% get right) for further learning. Assessment & Allocation continues and each question is compared for it’s difficulty status with 1000s of candidates taking the revision.

4. On the top of the questions you could see the  difficulty level assigned for that question. A question given below is classed as ‘Moderate’.

For all practical purposes this doesn’t matter. However you could know how most others E.g 70% of people find this question.

You don’t have a lot of choice on whether you could afford to get it wrong. You will need to get most questions correct to progress forward. To do this you select the most probable choice and click ‘Submit Answer’

5. Session Analysis:

On right side of the questions you have your session analysis. This shows the correct wrong and the proportion as you go along. Some candidates find it motivating to get more green in their graph! 

This is a basic feature. You can see this on most forums and websites today. It shows just the proportion of correct and wrong. It does not actually assess your competitive advantage.

6. Save To Revision Board for future revision:

What if you are not sure about a question? What if your are not confident about your learning? What is you think that question is too important to lose? Use the Tag function for future reference.

Too important to lose – TAG IT!

7. Report this Question:

If you find a question/answer/explanation wrong you can report that. G2M officials will correct that and returns immediately.

8. Learn your explanations and move to the top grade

Look at the detailed explanations with references. You don’t actually need more than this to remember the question and the correct response.

At present Gate To Medicine has more than 20,000 questions prepared by medical experts over a period of 3 years.

This brings a unique advantage. You need less general reading. All you need is to cover maximum number of questions with explanation. Each question has explanation with standard references.

What else needs to be done? Just check out your progress. All the best and enjoy learning.

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